“Video” iPod’s Next Logical Capability

First there was iPod. Then there was the iPod Photo which could download digital pictures from a camera with an optional accessory. Now there’s a video-capable iPod. What do you suppose the next logical step is here? In a rare mind-bending moment it hit me – download video from a digital camera to the new video-capable (VC) iPod!!

But let’s take it just a step further here. Why not combine the VC iPod and Apple’s iSight to create a great, on-the-go, slightly above par digital video solution? The VC iPod’s 30GB and 60GB configurations offer plenty of storage space, while the iSight’s 640×480 video resolution will get the job done. With Hard Drive, Flash Media, and Media Card-based camcorder solutions hitting the market, how great an option would this be?

There would have to be some sort of cable/adapter on the hardware side. Which actually gets a little trickier now that the VC iPod only supports USB and no Firewire. (Maybe time for a revision on the iSight side of the house?) Then there is also the necessity of some software (either on the VC iPod – a firmware update? – or loaded on-board the iSight) to process the incoming video and load it to the VC iPod.

Clearly there’s a few speed-bumps in my idea, but I’m confident the possibility is there. Any intelligent software/mechanical engineers out there who’d like to take a stab at it? Apple? You guys listening over there in Cupertino?

I for one could finally justify that iSight purchase. I’d be ecstatic to see this sort of option crop up. Though at the very least, I would think Apple can’t be far from introducing a firmware update to download video clips from digital cameras to the VC iPods (using the optional USB accessory).



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