“Video” iPod’s Next Logical Capability


First there was iPod. Then there was the iPod Photo which could download digital pictures from a camera with an optional accessory. Now there’s a video-capable iPod. What do you suppose the next logical step is here? In a rare mind-bending moment it hit me – download video from a digital camera to the new video-capable (VC) iPod!!

But let’s take it just a step further here. Why not combine the VC iPod and Apple’s iSight to create a great, on-the-go, slightly above par digital video solution? The VC iPod’s 30GB and 60GB configurations offer plenty of storage space, while the iSight’s 640×480 video resolution will get the job done. With Hard Drive, Flash Media, and Media Card-based camcorder solutions hitting the market, how great an option would this be?

There would have to be some sort of cable/adapter on the hardware side. Which actually gets a little trickier now that the VC iPod only supports USB and no Firewire. (Maybe time for a revision on the iSight side of the house?) Then there is also the necessity of some software (either on the VC iPod – a firmware update? – or loaded on-board the iSight) to process the incoming video and load it to the VC iPod.

Clearly there’s a few speed-bumps in my idea, but I’m confident the possibility is there. Any intelligent software/mechanical engineers out there who’d like to take a stab at it? Apple? You guys listening over there in Cupertino?

I for one could finally justify that iSight purchase. I’d be ecstatic to see this sort of option crop up. Though at the very least, I would think Apple can’t be far from introducing a firmware update to download video clips from digital cameras to the VC iPods (using the optional USB accessory).




Where the hell can i get the software to put movies on my ipod cuz iv looked all over the net and im having no look! please help!


I loved the idea of being able to snap my iSight to an iPod but the problem is the power consumption. the iSight draws quite abit of power , so much that you can feel it as heat. the other problem is bulk and lense quality. Every process and cycles the iPod goes through will draw battery power. But still it be great if the iSight does manage to become a future accessory of the iPod.


This is sounds good in theory but in reality, it’s pretty unwieldly. I mean the iSight and iPod are very nice on their own but just cause they could be connected does not make that a good idea.

Lightweight they may be bt think about how you are supposed to use it. What, tape the iSight to the iPod? Or perhaps have the iPod in your pocket with more wires trailing out?

The key thing to portable devices is that they just gotta work at being portable. Weight is not an issue here, most such devices are light enough. What throws the spanner in to this idea is the bulk of the iSight camera. I mean, come on, whilst many of use are going to carry an iPod around us, only really geeky people would take an iSight with them as well…

If you are comparing camera qualities. Dedicated cameras have specialised circuity to handle video capture as well are really expensive lenses. A $299 iSight though excellent as a webcam, is no where near as capable or as convenient as even a $500 camcorder.

Les Posen

Blogged about this idea of a camera for the iPod too!

“Now that the video-on-an-iPod barrier has been breached, is it time to add a camera too?”


I just think apple will add a tiny isight camera OR wifi in futures generations of ipod (not now or months, but in one or two years).

don burnett

The next logical thing to add to the iPod is Wifi, so content can be streamed..


this is such an abvious niche, I’m surprised that nobody wrote the code yet! Good for security cam too, tho I would feed it power somehow, iPod batt. is small. Stick it in a dock connector package with a 9-volt alkaline. Presto!

Tim Houghton

This is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how it is more convenient than a DV camcorder. I have an iSight, and it is fairly large (although very light). Add in the iPod and a connector cable and you might as well carry a DV camera (which would give you much better picture quality).

Now an iPod with a built-in iSight like the new G5s … that’s a different story.


I suspect this idea is in reality far fetched: although it is a nice idea, it is unlikely to be high on the priority list for Apple. Mr Jobs is extremely selective about what features there are on ipod and this is simply not relevant enough to most users to be included, in my opinion.

That said, I’m having trouble imagining what might actually be the next Big Feature on ipods!

nick santilli

Ken –
I don’t take a lot of video at a time. couple minute clip here. couple minute clip there. And once I return to my computer I’d download it and edit it down accordingly.

I’m personally interested more in moving away from tapes. I don’t like waiting in realtime for the video content to copy to my computer from a tape. I like the newer HD (and similar) based cameras where it’s simply copying a file over for further editing.

And I realize i don’t NEED video capability to store it, but that would enable me to watch it as I’m taking it (with something like an iSight that has no onboard viewfinder)….or view it (non edited) once it’s recorded, before returning to my computer.

For MY needs, the idea has merit. Everyone’s mileage will vary of course.


Well, an hour of digital video takes up a lot of room. I travel a lot and it is easy and cheap to bring along a few mini DV tapes. The fact that you can store and hour of video on something that costs $6-$8 is a totally different world then the picture scene, where bringing enough storage to last you all summer might cost you hundreds of dollars so having a hard drive to free up your expensive storage makes sense, but with a video camera it really doesn’t. Plus, you did not need video capability to store video, you just need the HD and a way to capture (software and hardware connections).


nah, I think it’ll be a bluetooth/wireless iPod.. one which can connect to a wireless network, or your home network, w/out having to plug it in.

makes logical sense, eh? :)

Avi Flax

Chris, I hope not, I’d much prefer unprocessed DV-format video to later import into iMovie or Final Cut. Perhaps the intermediary device could have a buffer so it could stream the DV to the iPod at whatever rate the iPod can handle it, but not lose anything…

Great Idea!

Chris Holland

Yeah the lack of firewire support could make things challenging to get stuff from the iSight on the iPod. AFAIK, iSight outputs a DV stream over firewire. The intermediary device would likely need to do some compression on-the-fly before being it able to save it to the ipod in real-time, with enough bandwidth.

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