tc1100 Tablet PC removed from the HP web site


True to their word HP has removed the tc1100 from their online store. Owners of the tc1100 can still find accessories while they last by selecting the tc4200 and choosing accessories. HP had previously stated the venerable tc1100 would be discontinued at the end of the year. Rumors of what is to follow the tc1100 have as yet proved to be unfounded. This may indeed be the death of the hybrid Tablet PC, a very sad event.


Kevin Rodriquez

You can actually get brand new TC1100’s from They also seem to be listing quite a few of them in eBay. I am actually thinking about getting a second one and selling mine just so that I can renew the three year warranty.


Yeah, it’s truly sad. I’ve looked at a lot to TPCs, and they’re all nice, but for overall design and practical day-to-day use, the TC line wins hands down.

I work in coffee shops a lot, and I can’t go through a day without someone coming up to me and asking me about it. It’s just that cool…


Just pray that they will do an other hybrid tabblet with the same concept. For my point of view it was the only hybrid tablet which had a praticable concept.

Honestly, even if it was not the most powerful tablet, the HP1100 was gorgious!

If HP was able to sell it just for 1,200 to 1,500 bucks maximum, they will never end it up.

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