Public Service Announcement


The GYM free diet is worse than nicotine free life. Having said that, I check with Robert Scoble… he is feeling the pressure but is hanging tough because folks love it. Okay, that’s good. He is upto #29. I am at day five. Not sure how long I can hang on. In case you were wondering, spent the entire day reporting and will have two good posts for tomorrow morning. I did enjoy meeting all the wonderful people today including Pip Coburn who is in town. He is deep…. also excuse the short posts today… now I have to turn my attention to 100 odd unread emails.

Update: Rajesh asked what I thought about the big news today…. nothing really has changed from last month.


Rajesh Patil

Google just announced “Google Base” and you’re not gonna write about it because you’re on some silly diet. That’s ridiculous!
We’re some readers who straight away come to you guys site to read about GYM. If no GYM we no come. We need GYM.

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