API’s $2 Million Newspaper Thinktank


The American Press Institute has launched a $2 million year-long research project trying to find new business models for newspapers…The “Newspaper Next: The Transformation Project” will “explore the trends disrupting the newspaper industry and develop practical business initiatives newspapers can adopt”.

Here’s what the official line is: “At stake is no less than the viability of news gathering and dissemination today and into the next decade.” Really? The viability of news gathering will have nothing to do with the future of newspapers, in the future…if API was really serious this, it would have invested that $2 million in some local sites or independent investigative journalism projects, instead of trying to get a bunch of 45-year olds (even though the list is impressive) from old big media companies together and come out with a report. (I’ll elaborate: I mean going outside the present establishment and reaching out to entrepreneurs etc…not necessarily directly age-related, but you get the drift)

If you want news gathering in the future to flourish, stop talking and pondering about it..either do it yourself, or fund those who are…Action over intent, that’s what I’ve always said…

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