TypePad is all right by me

It has been pretty well reported about TypePad’s recent performance problems due to a move to a new data center. I was impacted pretty heavily for a few days with my blog inaccessible for random periods and experienced very sluggish performance when I could get in. I understand Six Apart’s need to move to a new data center and that I will be served better in the future so I did not file any trouble tickets or complaints, as I felt things would return back to normal as soon as possible. Imagine my surprise when I received an email today from Six Apart’s CEO, Barak Berkowitz, detailing the changes they’ve made to improve the infrastructure of the network. His email went on to state that their performance was not acceptable and that all TypePad customers are being given a credit for time lost. Take a look at this and it is easy to see why Six Apart understands customer service:

By default, you will receive a credit for 15 free days of TypePad service. To get this credit you don’t have to do anything; we will just credit your account.

That said, we recognize that customers have had different experiences with the service, so we want to give you the opportunity to choose more, or even less compensation. If you click the link below, you’ll get a screen that offers you the following choices:

  • While the performance issues caused me some inconvenience I mainly found the service acceptable last month- Give me 15 free days of TypePad.
  • The performance issues made it very difficult for me to use the service on multiple occasions during the month- Give me 30 free days of TypePad.
  • The performance issues affected me greatly, making my experience unacceptable for most of the month- Give me 45 free days of TypePad.
  • I really wasn’t affected and feel I got the great service I paid for last month- Thank you for the offer, but please don’t credit my account.

This company gets customer service, and that’s why I have always been extremely happy with the TypePad service. Kudos to you, Six Apart. Your outstanding support for the customer is why I am always happy to recommend your service to friends and acquaintances who wish to start a blog.


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