One red paperclip and a dream


I don’t write about non-tech related stuff very often but when someone comes up with a truly innovative idea I just have to talk about it. Kyle MacDonald is a blogger in Montreal who has a dream. He had a red paper clip sitting by his computer and an idea was born. What if he could trade that red paper clip for something better, and then continue trading up until he traded for a house. Or an island. Or a house on an island. So the One Red Paperclip blog was born and so far Kyle has traded up several times and now owns a red power generator. The cool thing that Kyle is getting out of this is not the items he is trading for, no he’s getting a host of experiences he would otherwise not have. Kyle travels to personally trade with each party that has something they are willing to part with and he is meeting some nice folks from all over. He chronicles the whole process on his blog and has been mentioned in the New York Times and USA Today. You go, Kyle.



Hmmm, but the big question is:
How do you get a hold of a red paperclip in the first place? I mean, if we all had red paperclips lying around the place, we’d all be rich ;)

Bill Data

Yes, but is he giving the tax man the required percentage of each transaction ;-)

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