9Rules To Party


Earlier this month, folks over at 9Rules Network, invited me to join their community. In case you did not know 9rules… well they are a fast growing community of folks who delve into different technology issues, web standards and other topics such as design. They talk about things that I don’t know much about. Maybe I know a thing or two about the innards of networks, or VoIP, but I still have to learn about so many things. This is as good a collective to start-off with. The best part is that they don’t want you to change the look and feel of your site. All they want to do is cross pollination of ideas using their RSS aggregator. I think of 9rules as an idea-exchange… I might be smarter because of it. (PS: GigaOM community won’t see the difference, except it might grow a little, as some 9rules members might find my stuff interesting.)



Does this mean I can now refer to Om as “fellow 9ruler Om”? That’s wicked.

Good to have you onboard Om — your site rocks!

Om Malik

oh damn…. the 9rules servers down already. not a good sign. :-)

but seriously, its good stuff on that network all. i love finding stuff which i never would pay attention to as much.


Welcome to 9rules Om, you’re an awesome addition to the network. We’re one step closer to have a completely Rundlified network :D


And now did they take the site offline or what is it ? I am getting “The page cannot be displayed” error message.


om, been reading your site (and magazine) for a long time, and also a big fan of 9rules. great to see the two come together. the unifying aspect in the community is the writing, and yours fits nicely. keep it up. great new look btw!

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