Watch movies on trips with Movielink

On a recent OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast Robert Scoble described how he uses his Slingbox to watch movies of his choosing on WiFi-enabled flights. He can view them on his Tablet PC and not be restricted to the lame movie offerings on most flights. Frequent travelers who don’t often get to fly on broadband connected flights should take a look at the Movielink rental service. Movielink has a broad selection of movies that can be rented for $1 – 5 and then downloaded to your notebook or Tablet PC for later viewing. The included Movie Manager/ Viewer application handles the retrieval and playing of all rented movies using Windows Media 10 technology. The DRM employed by Movielink is pretty slick- rented movies can be stored on your hard drive for 30 days before timing out and once you start playing a movie you can view it as many times as you wish for 24 hours, after which it times out. I find this perfect for trips and viewing movies of my choosing on my Tablet PC on flights is cool. The quality of the movies are quite good and the rental website is organized to let you find the movie you want very easily.


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