nThrum’s Camera Phone Search


At the SearchSIG this week, I finally got to meet Kumar Gopalakrishnan. We had been swapping emails and he wanted to show me his new search service, nThrum.

It is a very clever idea, that leverages the current trend of camera phones. I am told this year alone 500 million phones with cameras… anyway you install the nThrum software on your phone and basically focus the camera on a word, say, Business 2.0 on my business card. The software goes and finds the relevant information on the web. I am not sure whose underlying search API nThrum uses, but it seems to be effective enough, not optimal. It is so simple, intuitive and obvious, that within 30 seconds I was shaking my head and wondering, why didn’t anyone think of this before.

I am going to try and put it through the paces later this weekend and let you know it performs. In case, you want to get hold of a copy, you can download it from here. It currently works on select camera phones. (Nokia 6600, 6620, 6630, 7610, 3230, 6670, 668x, Panasonic X700 and Samsung D710).

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