10-Q Watch: CNET’s Acquisitions

Some good info on CNET’s acquistions over the last six months or so…the names of the acquired companies came out earlier, but not the prices, since these were small acquisitions. In this 10-Q, we have some numbers:

— On the acquisitions of HeyPix, MetaCritic and TVTome: CNET Networks paid an aggregate purchase price totaling $11.5 million for the HeyPix, MetaCritic and TVTome acquisitions consisting of 240,540 shares of CNET Networks, Inc. common stock valued at $2.3 million, approximately $6.2 million paid in cash, and $3.0 million of notes payable, which are due in two years bearing interest at a rate of 3.0% per year, and are included in long-term debt.

— On April 19, 2005, CNET Networks acquired a 90% interest in the assets of PCHome located in Shanghai, China in cooperation with Chinese subsidiaries and affiliates. PCHome operates a personal technology website, pchome.net. The purchase price paid for the 90% interest in PCHome totaled $11.1 million, consisting of $5.1 million paid in cash, and $6.0 million of deferred consideration, which is due in the fourth quarter of 2005 and as such is included in accrued liabilities.

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