TiVo’s New Free Deal Will Save You $2 a year

PVR Blog points to a new deal from TiVo which offers you a brand new 40-hour TiVo box for free, if you sign-up for a $16.95 a month flat rate service plan. That seems like a good deal, except its not very different from another deal from TiVo. Here is how the math works – $16.95 a month X 12 = $203.40 cents. Instead if you went for this other offer, which gets you a 40-hour box for $49.95 if you sign-up for a year at $12.95 a month you pay $205.35. With the latest plan, TiVo is essentially giving a $2 discount, and making noise with the word “FREE.” Ironically, with the first offer you cannot upgrade to “lifetime” package. Oh well, thought I would point this out in case you were considering buying a TiVo.


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