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Telstra Adds Local Flavour To 3G Music

Australian incumbent Telstra has finally got around to offering a mobile music download service… “The company is offering access to 1000 music downloads through a solo licensing deal with Sony BMG…Telstra said its service would have a “heavy focus on Australian artists” including the likes of Shannon Noll, Pete Murray and Rogue Traders but it would continue to seek additional agreements with other record labels.” Yeah, I know the selection is small but give them a chance…the songs cost AU$2.99 which is cheaper than Sprint’s recent service and comparable with other Australian companies. iTunes Australia is selling singles for AU$1.69.
There’s a quote from an analyst that “It is physically quite difficult to scroll through a massive number of tracks using a handset”, with no mention of the need for a decent search engine. “However she added that there was no obvious benefit in offering a narrowly focused service, and that the provider with the largest inventory of content would ultimately prove most attractive to users.”