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Warner Music Launches Online Label

Cordless Records? That’s the name they come up with? That’s like launching a magazine called Wired in 2005…oh wait…never mind.

Warner Music Group has launched its online only label, as it promised in August. The new label, called Cordless Recordings, is the brainchild of Jac Holzman, the founder of WMG’s Elektra label.

Cordless will not release CDs in the traditional manner. Instead, its artists will release “clusters”–sets of three or more songs for download by a single new artist, which the company hopes will be a less pressurized environment than the existing industry. These will be sold though online and mobile music stores.

The first clusters will include music from Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers, Breakup Breakdown, Dangerous Muse, Nozzle, Koishii & Hush, and Humanwine.

Jason Fiber, founder of Superfecta Recordings and The Ideal Copy, has been named President of Cordless. More eyebrow-raising from the traditional big labels’ perspective, artists get to keep ownership of the master recordings they release under Cordless. If they want to release their music elsewhere after a short contract is up, more power to them.

More details in release here


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