The Om and Niall Podcast, November 11


What a week it has been… so much news flowing out every day, it is hard to keep up with what’s what. So as usual, I fired up the faithful The Gizmo Project softphone, put on my Plantronics M3000 Bluetooth headset, and called Niall Kennedy for what is turning out to be a weekly podcast event for both of us. So what did we discuss? Everything under the sun, but our focus was Google and Yahoo Maps, Microsoft Live and of course, XBox 360.

* Yahoo Maps and Microsoft Live Maps (along with VoIP)
* Google Maps Mobile
* Bill Gates & Ray Ozzie Memos
* XBox 360

I did point out in this podcast that XBox 360 could be the sleeper hit of the season, and because of its un-Microsoft soft like appeal could be bigger than Redmond’s expectations. I believe if they don’t try and cram too much around it, XBox 360 could be Microsoft’s iPod. I am pretty excited – excited enough to spend some $$$s on the box next year. (It is after all Microsoft, and I want to wait a few months to see if everything works.)

+ iTunes + Odeo.

Update: Finally changed the headline, to reflect the change!


Om Malik


trying to make it better. better microphones and all the other gadgets are in the mail, so it should be pretty good i think.


This Week In Tech, at, is the number 1 podcast in America. You should come up with a title that isn’t already taken by someone else. :)

I’m sure Leo and crew would love to have you on their podcast. Shouldn’t be too hard to get together with them since they are Bay Area based.

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