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King Ed The First of New AT&T

Ed Whitacre chairman, CEO of new AT&T. (Ed’s Bio) Goodbye David Dorman, current AT&T CEO who will leave in a few months, with about $32 million pay out. Meanwhile, the new management team is all SBC people, including Whitacre’s #2 Randall “$4 Billion Is Nothing” Stephenson. The only survivor from the AT&T side of the house, James Cicconi, who is the senior executive vice president-external and legislative affairs, responsible for managing the company’s public policy organization. And to rub salt to the wounds, this was the message sent to AT&T employees.

“This is a superior management team. They are the best in the industry and I am confident they will do an outstanding job at this critical time in our company’s history,” said Whitacre. “We are looking forward to hitting the ground running the minute the merger closes.”

Showin who’s the big daddy? Or just the business as usual Texas style, take no prisoners approach to employee relations? Start-ups looking for management might be taking a flight to Newark… I suppose. Enough of the jokes….Looks like Hossein Eslambolchi. President – AT&T Global Networking Technology Services is gone too. … Full management team after the turn!

* James W. Callaway, 59, group president-merger transition. 
* James Cicconi, 53, senior executive vice president-external and legislative affairs, responsible for managing the company’s public policy organization.
* James D. Ellis, 62, senior executive vice president and general counsel.
* Karen E. Jennings, 54, senior executive vice president-human resources and corporate communications.
* James S. Kahan, 58, senior executive vice president-corporate development.
* Rick Lindner, 50, senior executive vice president and chief financial officer.
 * Forrest E. Miller, 52, group president-AT&T, in charge of leading the national and global network, enterprise and consumer operations of the existing AT&T, as well as AT&T Labs.  Miller will also help lead the integration of the two companies.
* Randall L. Stephenson, 45, chief operating officer, retaining his current responsibilities and also helping integrate operations of SBC and AT&T. 
* Rayford Wilkins, Jr., 54, group president in charge of directory operations, international operations and the company’s Sterling Commerce subsidiary.

6 Responses to “King Ed The First of New AT&T”

  1. Listen to this. I got a call from a contractor to work for AT&T. The promised to move me form California to Georgia and work for them programming. I did so. I worked HARD for them, but had NO TRAINING of their systems, and I guess was expected to learn it in a week with hardly NO TRAINING.
    YOU GOT IT! 2 months later I was FIRED because I was late ONE DAY bt 49 minutes, and I came in 2 hours on a SUnday on MY TIME to get my work done. Now I have NO RENT $$, NO JOB, and a family of 4 with no $$ coming in. I did EVERYTING they wanted, but I found out I was NOT one of their pets. Thing is, I did a lot of work for them I had to learn on my own, and THOUGHT I was doing a great job. NOW, NO JOB, NO $$ COMING IN, RENT DUE, and A LONG WAY FROM HOME. DO NOT support or go to work for AT&T. They ruined my life, and my family’s. I’m 49 yrs old, and been a programmer for 20 yrs. No I am so in trouble, I am praying GOD will give me a miracle. I just can’t believe a big company like AT&T threw me to the dogs after they move me from coast to coast, then decided I HAD TO PAY FOR THAT!

  2. Jesse Kopelman

    It’s a good thing I’m not a CEO. I’d be trying to sell the company the second my ass touched chair, if I knew a $30M buyout was in the offing. Om, think of all the scotch and cigars a man could buy with that kind of scratch! Who cares if I I’d be a pauper next to some 20-something who just sold his startup for $200M, I’m a man of simple enough needs for $30M to take care of.