Don’t Write Off TV Over Mobile Before It’s Had A Chance

NMA’s editor Michael Nutley has penned some commentary about mobile TV arguing that much of the uncertainty and negativity in the marketplace — ie, surveys showing that people don’t want to watch TV on mobile phones — stems from the confusion as to what mobile TV actually is and how it would work. He may have a point: I describe streaming video over mobiles as ‘mobile TV’ and on-demand download video as ‘mobile video’, but there is no consensus as to what can be classified as mobile TV.
“What we do know is that people have a huge appetite to be entertained on the move. The success of the Walkman, the Gameboy, the iPod and the PSP testify to that. And while some believe the popularity of the iPod in particular is attributable to our desire to retake control of our environment rather than to amuse ourselves, the popularity of portable DVD players and the amazing usage figures for the video iPod (some 1m programme downloads in the three weeks since launch) suggest something else is going on.”
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