Audio Podcast: David Bluhm, CEO, GoTV Networks

I recently spoke to David Bluhm, the CEO of GoTV Networks, the mobile video aggregator , on the state of mobile video industry in U.S…he spoke frankly and widely about the issues in the industry, and the amount of work that still needs to be done to make sure mobile video becomes a big consumer play.
Bluhm was one of the co-founders of MForma, and founder of WUF Networks, which he sold to Yahoo.
mp3logo1.gif You can download the audio of the the interview here. (5.35 MB, 31 mins.) An optimistic reality-check on the industry…
Among the issues he discussed:
— The state of the industry: it is very immature…consumer experience still very basic.
— The need for packaging in mobile video industry
— The Hollywood digital media company..what does it mean?
— How are entertainment companies moving into digital media and mobile
— Streaming vs downloads on the mobile, and the importance of packaging of short bits
— Main stream media content vs longtail content
— The difference in mobile video consumers versus others, and how original content needs to be distributed
— Subscription vs pay per use
— Advertising on mobile video
— MVNOs and how they will help the industry