TV On Demand: WSJ Special Report


A package of three stories on TV on demand, in light of the announcements yesterday from NBC and CBS about selling VOD through DirecTV and Comcast respectively.

Networks Go Boldly –And Fearfully –Into TV’s Future: As networks and studios crunch sales and viewership data, some are realizing the cannibalization threat is less than they feared — at least initially. Typically, studios must wait several years before they have enough episodes to sell a rerun package. But on-demand services allow studios to start generating ancillary revenue more quickly, as DVDs have begun to do.

TV On-Demand May Make Ads More Targeted: Advertisers are starting to treat TV more and more as just one conversation among many…on VOD, advertisers could sponsor a program much the same way they do with “commercial-free” shows on PBS…Shows could break for advertising intermissions, or feature a promotion inviting viewers to stick around after the show ends.

How to Watch TV: Watch it on VOD, DVR, cellphones or other options…

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