My new mobile gadget


As one always on the lookout for the ultimate mobile gadget I found one this week and I am very pleased. Here’s a photo of the new device:

You are looking at a 1992 Saab 900S convertible. I had been kicking around the notion of getting rid of the car I’ve been driving for four years and getting something cheap enough I could pay cash for it. No car payment. I’ve been looking on Autotrader for a few weeks and just happened to hit my search for the second or third time on Monday so I hit this car when it was first posted. The owner was about 15 miles from my house and since the exterior of the car looked so good in the nine photos in the ad I called him right away. I was test driving the Saab an hour later and purchased it shortly thereafter. It’s in great shape overall, I’ll be working on the interior slowly over time until it is fully restored. It runs really well and I couldn’t be more pleased with the good deal I got.



Nice Car, Wheels are a little 1985, but other than that very nice.

I looked at an old 900 Turbo once when I lived in the UK.

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