Local TV Affiliates: Don’t Forget Us

With the VOD and iTunes video deals, the local TV affiliates are worried..this story says that when affiliates next meet with network executives at annual meetings in the coming months, things could get contentious.

What figures to bother some station groups, Bishop Cheen, analyst at Wachovia Securities said, is that while the networks are reducing the compensation they’ve traditionally paid to local stations to distribute their programming – they are still using those stations as the “main promotional vehicle” for their shows, making them popular enough to be considered for other platforms like VOD.

But there’s the local angle: It’s important in the local equation that live content still matters, Magid said. “People believe that when you have a DVR, you’re just fast-forwarding everything, and you’re only watching what you record. But when it comes to news, and other programming, they watch live. And indeed that may be the case with other types of programming that people perceive to have a more finite life. Sports, certain reality programming, and so on.”

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