jkOnTheRun visits Best Buy to see the Gateway Convertible Notebook

I dropped by the local Best Buy to have a look at the display of the Gateway Convertible Notebook and to talk to the sales staff about how sales are going. The major news of note was the special they are running on the Gateway- $1399 minus an instant rebate of $150. This makes the the Gateway CX2610 only $1250, an excellent price for the Pentium M processor 740, dual layer DVD burner, 80 GB hard drive and 512 MB of memory! When I got home i saw that the same deal applies online.

The bad news about the Best Buy trip was that the Tablet wasn’t working on the display device. The salesman said someone broke the pen so it is impossible to try the Tablet functions in the store. I asked them if they had reimaged the unit from the recovery partition and he said they had already done so and were pretty sure the pen was dead. I asked to see the manager and explained why I was checking out their display and asked him what purpose displaying a non-functioning unit was serving. He had no real answer to that one and indicated they were trying to get another display unit from Best Buy. This is pretty sad and I told him so, very nicely. On the plus side he said the Gateway Tablet has been selling like gangbusters and they are very pleased with the turnover of the supplied units. He also said they have continued to sell them since the pen broke because it’s such a good laptop in its own right. He’s going to let me know when they get a working display unit and said he’d be happy for me to come in some weekend and give demos to customers. Cool!


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