What I Got Done


So finally the day is coming to an end, and I have to feel pretty good about what I got done:

1. The Column
2. The emails.
3. Nokia phone stuff, reviews to be written but that’s okay, since that’s not quite urgent.
4. Paid the bills.
5. Decided against the Video iPod for now.
6. Finished one post, The Spectrum Bubble.
7. I have a line on my next story, with some clarity.



Om Malik

madhu, i am trying to be cheap. i know i know… i owe it to the community. well, let me think for another hour or so…

madhu venkatesan

common om.. i bought the video ipod atlast 2 days back and i quite like it.. got the black one from the store on michigan ave but u know what i still havent started using it.. cauz everytime i touch it i see my finger prints all over it..


I am curious why you decided against the video ipod. When I saw it on your to do list I thought it was time to get me one too. Please enlighten us on you decision.

Om Malik

so you still could not guess it? Anna and Jeff in a place where they clearly don’t belong…the stock exchange. isn’t that irony enough. and them together on the same stage, well that’s even more ironic.


Great Job.

BTW, we are eager to know the irony in the picture on your post “Amazon.com, Harbinger of Web 2.0 Trends”

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