Too Far Gone


I just realized that I am WAY too far gone as a Mac user.
If you too can immediately identify what this tattoo stands for, you’re in the same boat with me.

Of course the individual sporting that tattoo is in a different class all together!!

By the way, Apple+Shift+3 is the shortcut to take a full screen grab using OS X’s built-in capabilities (or to invoke Snapz Pro X 2 if you use that software).


Nick Santilli

perhaps you’ll notice that i was explaining the command for the benefit of those, not in the know. you know, in layman’s terms.

but you’re right. you’re 1337…


I’m sorry, but a true Mac lover knows it’s called the command key, not the apple key. And the DogCow’s name is Clarus.

Nick Santilli

Le Ten-Four:
if my eye-sight isn’t too far gone, I believe the button on the right is of the Claris Dog of Claris Works fame. Other than that…dunno.


Yep, knew exactly what it meant. Though I, too, prefer apple+shift+4


That isn’t just the shortcut for OS X. It’s been that way since long before pre-x was called Classic. That said, it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it? :)

Patrick Weber

lol, not really. I use a mac maybe once a week, if that, at school for 30 minutes MAX, and I know what that means.

If that means I am way to gone as a mac user then wow, considering I dont use macs all that much.

Although Apple+Shift+3 is convienient, I prefer Apple+Shift+4 for those partial screen shots (saves me the extra step of photoshop for those quick uploads)

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