My To-Do List


I finally managed to finish the two pieces for the magazine and can breathe a sigh of relief. This following closely on the heels of a much needed break this weekend. And now as I make a list of my to-do-list, well it is getting longer and longer. Here is what I need to do in next 15 days.

* Write my column for
* Answer 257 emails
* Finish four half-baked posts
* Review 3 Skype phones – including one from Linksys and one from US Robotics
* Play around with two USB speakerphones – mVox and IOGear
* Muck around with a Cisco-based VoIP phone system from M5 Networks
* Check out the new multimedia wireless router from Ruckus
* Take a gander at three Nokia devices including 8801 and 770
* Review the new Blackberry device
* Record two podcasts.
* Clean my office, and catalog all the paper.
* Pay the bills
* Decide if I really want to spend all that money on video iPod
* Find the next great story … I have an idea but need to do research.

And that doesn’t include nearly 20-odd folks to meet-and-greet for stories. Its getting hectic, though have to admit, Turkey Day does sound like a good reason to get all this out of the way.



This is the “work” you have to do, play with all the latest toys?
How do I apply for this “job” ? Looking forward to your review of the Intel-based Blackberry

Gerard McGarry

Doesn’t it make you want to run, screaming out of the house and far, far away from civilisation?

I know my survival technique is extreme narcolepsy when I’m under pressure!

Grady Scricketts

That’s it? You are such a slacker, Om…

Just kidding! You are by far the best tech blogger on the net. Thank you very much for your insights.

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