Freeware of the Moment- idleTunes

I love iTunes and the advanced library management tools inherent in the program. Now that iTunes is a very nice podcatcher I use it almost exclusively for handling my music library. There are still some features that I always wished Apple would integrate into iTunes that have never appeared. My Freeware of the Moment pick today is a program that addresses some of those missing features. idleTunes is a standalone free utility that does a number of tasks that I find very useful:

  • Find and insert album artwork into tracks
  • Copy iTunes playlists to any MP3 player
  • Export iTunes playlists as M3U, PLS, or B4S
  • Remove “dead” tracks from your library (finally!)
  • Create playlists for all of the albums in your library
  • Create playlists for all of the artists in your library
  • Delete user playlists

Note that like a lot of freeware idleTunes is in beta but I have experienced no issues with it so far. It also requires .NET 1.1 and iTunes 4.7 and later.


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