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Digital Music Bits: Lennon Digital; BestBuy; Moto-iTunes

Some digital music related bits:

John Lennon’s Solo Catalogue: Some of the Beatles are finally coming online…EMI announced that whole of John Lennon’s solo catalogue will be available for digital access, starting with the new greatest hits album “Working Class Hero”, which was released on CD in the UK and US in October and which will be available to purchase in download form beginning November 7. A select number of Lennon tracks will subsequently be made available for mobile download in coming weeks/shortly.

BestBuy-CD Baby-Podcasts: Best Buy is making some interesting additions to its site has added CD Baby’s catalog of indie CDs to its site, for retail. On the digital side, it is now offering podcasts and streams of music.

Razr-iTunes: Motorola has launched a four new versions of its hugely popular Razr phone, and one of the versions will include iTunes and other new features.