Another cool OneNote PowerToy

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Have you ever wanted to create multiple pages in OneNote? Say you have a number of projects you are working on and need to create a page for each one?, creators of the great OneNote Daily Journal Powertoy, have done it again and released the OneNote MultiCreate PowerToy. MultiCreate lets you automatically create a series of note pages in the section of your choosing by either entering the page titles in the dialog box or by copying text to the clipboard. You tap the Create button and your properly titled pages appear in the OneNote section that you selected. Simple, quick and cool. Thanks, TabletDev guys and gals (just covering my bases with that last one).

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I’m building a list of OneNote PowerToys at

So far there is about a dozen, but Chris Pratley has told the 1000+ entries not in the finals for the MS OneNote PowerToys Contest that they can start posting to the web, so hopefully there will be a lot more available soon.

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