Add multiple monitors to your notebook easily with DualHead2Go


I just got an email from Matrox, makers of graphics solutions for professionals, about a new product they have announced. The DualHead2Go is a small external device that adds support for a third monitor for notebook computers (although it will work with desktops, too). The operating system treats the two monitors connected to the DualHead2Go as a single monitor running at resolutions twice as wide as each individual monitor. This makes it a pretty useful addition for anyone doing big graphic work like CAD and GIS. $169.


Multiple_Monitor Fanatic

I can vouch for the dual head 2 go. Works perfectly on all 2D apps but for more processor intensive work its definitely not like having a dedicated gpu. Great product though. I use mine with a dual display system from CineMassive Multi-Screen Displays They sold me the Dual head and the duo array with an articulating arm attached to the stand of the monitor so I can swing it in and our and position it perfectly in line with the displays. solid product. CineMassive Displays is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a one stop shop for multiple monitor solutions…imho. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this thing for people doing cad work gaming or anything processor intensive – those screen shots from matrox are a little disingenuous – not altogether lies but they definitely don’t tell the whole story. I imagine the gpu deficit is exacerbated even further in the triple head 2 go. Anyone used one of those?

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