Starwood Hotels monitors your net traffic


VoIP Watch: Starwood Hotels LodgeNet ISP monitors net traffic, and if it doesn’t like what it sees, it throtles the speed down to 56K (i.e you get to pay $15.00 for dial up).


Jesse Kopelman

The future looks bright for MAC spoofing. In the world of high tech, it is always easier to be the “criminal” than the “cop.”

Josh Hallett

I had a similar thing happen to me at a Crowne Plaza Hotel.

On my Mac PB17 I use Safari and have a single bookmark that opens up approx 15-20 tabs at once for a presentation I give. When prepping for the session I clicked on the bookmark to pre-load all the sites. Within a minute I lost my internet connection. I checkced the Wifi settings, everything looked good. I could ping the router but couldn’t ping outside the network. Must be ‘their’ issue? Perhaps a Wifi issue? I switched over to Ethernet and the same thing, no outside access.

Next step is to try my other Mac and it works no problem. Now I think that it’s a problem with my PB17. For the rest of my stay at that property my PB17 would not access the internet while my other machine worked fine. The next morning I stopped at a Panera Bread and was able to get online fine with my PB17.

I find out after I left that they had blocked my PB17 by it’s MAC address after that initial burst of traffic. I guess I was a resource hog :-)

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