Take GigaOM Survey, Win A SlingBox


Most of GigaOM readers know a lot about me, but I don’t know much about them. In an effort to know you better, I am rolling out a week long GigaOM Reader Survey today and will be running it for next one week. The survey will help me find suitable advertisers and well, basically help avoid annoying ads. Your help is appreciated. I am giving away one SlingBox to those who participate in the survey.

The Slingbox enables consumers to watch their living room TV programming from wherever they are by turning virtually any Internet-connected Windows-based laptop or desktop PC into a personal TV. In other words, Slingbox redirects, or “placeshifts,” your TV.

PS: To be eligible for winning the SlingBox, you would have to enter your email address in the survey. The winner would be contacted via that email address. I will send you a link and claim code to the winner so they can get the device shipped where ever they are.

PS2: Sorry folks – if you don’t want to leave your email in the survey, please drop me a note using the contact form with subject line: Survey content and if possible leave a comment. Apologies for not being clear in the first place. Excuse the oversight to eagerness to enjoy a Saturday and getting out of the apartment.


Om Malik


thanks for the email. i have to be honest… this is my bad. i have been just lazy about announcing the winner. apologies for that.


so Om who is the winner? are we working on an IST time for announcements? Come on you know better than this..or is it that we on your spam list from now on with no rewards for it.
Please be loud and clear of who won!


took the survey last Saturday, can’t remember if I included an email? What to do?


How can I win if you don’t know my email address or anything….

OH! I had to sign up for more emails afterwards from the survey company….Well that’s NOT fair!

Jeremy Epstein

Sent in survey, would love to be registered for Slingbox, but didn’t want to be further researched.

Keep up the good work.


My bad I used some special characters and it truncated. Anyway all I wanted to say was don’t party too hard.


Excuse the oversight to eagerness to enjoy a Saturday and getting out of the apartment.

Mike B

Filled out survey, didn’t quite realize till survey was over that the ‘can we contact you for futher info’ email address entry was it. Please include my email address as entered here! Thanks.

Tab Gilbert

i was gonna stick my address in when i did the survey but did not want to be further researched – how can i claim my winning ticket when the site says i have already filled out the form and will not let me back in? i had been planning on re-gifting it to my sister……………

Om Malik

if you include your email address in the survey, i will email you a link and code if you are the winner – where you can go and claim your device which will be shipped to you. I don’t want your personal information or anything of that sort! hope this answers your question.

Randall Walrond

How are you going to give away a sling box if aren’t collecting people’s contact details (for those who do not want to be contacted for further research)?

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