Murdoch on AOL, Google

One reason why Rupert Murdoch is who he is, is because he has been blessed with this ability to cut through the crap, and get straight to the point. In an article in Wall Street Journal (sub required), he talks about his interest in AOL, and why others are jostling to get a piece of the action.

“Microsoft, who’d clearly like to damage Google, would like to get that search switched to Microsoft search, which has very little critical mass. Google heard about it and thought they better defend their turf, and now other people are sniffing around it, Comcast, Yahoo and so on … Google is as much an advertising machine as a technology company, and they’re very brilliant.”

So there it is folks – Google’s game plan. No need for coherence as long as you can attach advertising to it. Or as I like to say, a company that makes profits one page-view at a time.


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