MoBlogging In India

Mobile blogging is a difficult thing yet. In India bloggers like Rashmi Bansal have given it up after trying hard (saying it’s hard to do). I haven’t yet tried mobile blogging, although I would like to do it in future.

But Coruscant Tec (a mobile content provider) is ready to release a new application named Moblogs. The application promises to post blogs, edit posts, view and make comments, host your location to others, share posts with grouped communities, send out trackbacks, and much more. Initially, the application would be offered free of cost to all registered users.
Ajay Adiseshann, managing director of Coruscant, feels that mobile blogging is an emerging market but no one is clear as to how can this market can be tapped. “This is virgin territory. It is up to us to judge how to carve out a revenue model for this side.”

The article says further: “The main revenue generator for mobile operators and service providers seems to be online advertisements. “The way blogs have become the new age signposts in marketing, mobile blogs can go the same way. Since mobile penetration is much higher, revenues can only be better,” adds Adiseshann. (via our sister site ContentSutra)