Nokia Predicts 2006 Launch For DVB-H


Nokia has predicted the DVB-H mobile broadcast TV technology will be rolled out in some markets by mid-2006, which is a fairly standard perception within Nokia and much of the industry as a whole. Although Reuters did manage to find one skeptical analyst, surprisingly from Gartner: “Ben Wood, of market researchers Gartner, was skeptical about Nokia’s projected timeframe for mobile TV…”The industry will be lucky to get it out in 2008. Issues with rights and standards need to be overcome first,” he told Reuters”.
In fact, predictions by inCode for 2006 failed to mention broadcast TV…
Anyway, Nokia’s backing the standard (it’s released DVB-H capable handsets and has plans to make the technology fairly standard) and Anssi Vanjoki from the company was scathing of DMB — “We think DMB is going to be Korea-based from here to eternity. The advantage of DVB-H is so clear that that is the technology we’re going to follow,” he said.
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