MagellanWriter for the Tablet PC


Magellan has pulled the journal part out of their excellent MagellanEMR program for medical professionals and now offer it as a standalone product. MagellanWriter is a full blown note-taking program that makes full use of digital ink on a Tablet PC. It appears to be a program with a lot of features but is a bit pricey at $50. It’s good to see a company like Magellan offer a program like MagellanWriter to appeal to a mainstream audience.

Actually a deeper look about MagellanWriter shows the company claims "no Tablet PC required" so I’m not sure if this uses the Tablet ink or if Magellan has written their own ink handling.

(via Geekzone)


Marc Orchant

Looks kind of like OneNote Lite to me. I’m not sure I understand the attraction. You can get GoBinder Lite free in the Education Pack and the basic version of EverNote is free.


The EMR program has a lot, but MagellanWriter looks just like Journal. The only benefit seems to be for Windows (as opposed to Tablet PC OS) users since MagellanWriter accepts keyboard input.

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