Indian broadband market moves at dial-up speeds


Indian broadband market moves at dial-up speeds. This is what happens when incumbents are trusted to push broadband.




PLEASE take a look at this link!!! After reading that, I CAN certify that Broadband in India is YET to come!! Maybe 15 years from now!!!!!!
To give a Gist of the article, the user is wondering whether or not to take a 1GBPS broadband connection from a new provider!! Because he feels his current 100MBPS connection is fine and he doesn’t want to change his friggin’ NUMBER!!!

READ it and be merry!! TRAI -> You ARE fools to call 256 kbps BROADBAND (that kbps btw my fellow suffering indians… = 32KBPS 8 bits=1 byte)!!!!!!!!

Oh did I mention DOWNLOAD LIMITS????? If the poor dude in the articly had to pay lets after say a 100 GB download…he could’ve only used the net for ONE DAY!!!

ARGGGHHHH…Why are we indians world class fools?

Sandeep Kaul

Perhaps we are where we were in mobile telephony just a few years ago. MTNL has just doubled my download cap to 1GB and I’m sure, sooner or later, things will change.


agreed. Atleast the big tech hubs should get into something like FTTP. The old cities wimax/wireless mesh(aka tropos mesh) sounds much better.

Gaurav Shrivastava

BSNL broadband has a ridiculous limit of 400mb download limit for one month. When the world is getting into IPTV India is getting into low end DSL.
I think we should build the latest infrastructure as the European Telecoms are doing.

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