Annotate presentations without a Tablet PC


GTCOCalComp have been making digitizers and flatbed plotters for decades and I have to admit I was surprised to hear they are still around. They have a product that might be of interest for educators and other groups that wish to control and annotate presentations wirelessly. The InterWrite MeetingPad 400 is an active digitizer pad that runs up to 40 hours on a single battery charge and is designed to work in two modes. The first is the Interactive Mode which lets you work directly with the projected slide and use ink, draw figures and just about anything you can do with a Tablet PC. The second mode is the Office Mode which allows you to use the MeetingPad with Microsoft Office applications so you in effect are writing directly on the projected slides when used with PowerPoint. The cool thing about the MeetingPad is how it becomes a sophisticated presentation pointer when it’s not used for annotating. Bluetooth is used for the wireless connection and the company claims a 300 foot range. $585.

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Eric Mack

I think we still have a pre-bluetooth version of the meeting pad, still in its box in storage. I bought it for a project that was cancelled. If anyone wants it, I’ll sell it, as-is, for $225 incl shipping. It’s the meeting pad, CD, and wireless receiver. Now that I have a tablet, I probably won’t use the meeting pad.




Sure glad to see the SchoolPad get some press. I’ve been using one for three years and know several K12 schools that use them. Very user-friendly and lots cheaper and much more flexible than an electronic whiteboard. They have a mode where multiple SchoolPads can collaborate on the same PC, I’m looking forward to seeing that in action!

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