Amsterdam builds its own FTTP Network

The city of Amsterdam in Netherlands is building its own fiber to the premise infrastructure, and will connect 40,000 homes (10% of the city) with fiber, the Deputy-Mayor Mark van der Horst announced today. BBned, a division of Telecom Italia will act as a wholesale operator of the network which is open to all service providers who can purchase capacity and offer services on these fat pipes. The interesting thing to note in this model is that the city is not subsidizing the construction, but is merely acting as an investor. Something to consider stateside? (Press release here!)

James Enck adds: Not to put words in anyone’s mouth, but I think the message is something like — It may be “your network” and “your investment” you are trying to defend, but your customers are our taxpayers, our society, and we have a duty to look beyond the next quarter and where our share options are at present. Access to information is an essential building block of social development, like access to water and electricity. Highly-contended DSL products with bandwidth caps ain’t gonna cut it.

Hey maybe someone at FCC should be thinking about this. I know its hard with the incumbent lobbyists buzzing all the time, but still, give it some thought. Come on…