Why Fox Killed the “24” Mobisode Spinoff in UK

This is the same story I mentioned last night about Leno coming to mobile phones…in this story about mbile video, a nugget about the “24” mobisodes in UK, the market where they were originally launched before U.S. launch: “24: Conspiracy” had the same seduction, betrayal and murder that fans of the hourlong drama have come to expect. But the 24 one-minute episodes, which cost 6 pounds (or about $10.50) to download, lacked one thing: the star, Kiefer Sutherland. A-list actors like him, [Lucy Hood, president of Fox Mobile Entertainment] said, were beyond the budgets of such a small-margin enterprise. “There was a lot of excitement about the boldness of creating original content for cellphones,” Hood said, explaining why Fox ultimately killed the spinoff. “Frankly, people wanted to see Kiefer.”