Sir Howard Talks Up Sony’s New Video Strategy: Small, Portable, HD & Blu-Ray

The PSP has been one of the bright spots in the miasma of Sony. Sir Howard Stringer, the first non-Japanese chairman of Sony, is hoping for a reprise with what Diana Mermigas calls “an arsenal of new Blu-ray-enabled, high-definition portable and interactive devices and a marketing blitz.” The new video-focused devices are meant to fill a gap between PSP and PlayStation 3. Users will be able to shift content from non-portable devices to the new portables.
In that environment, paying for downloads to a closed device like the iPod wouldn’t make much sense. Stringer: “Why would someone want to pay $1.99 per download of one TV series episode on a closed system like a video iPod when they can transfer all the content they want from their own devices like DVRs to our multimedia portable player at no extra cost? Consumers already can do this with the PlayStation Portable.” Sony will offer original short-form content, IM and the like in its next gen-devices, including the PS3.
Lots, lots more detail in the lengthy piece.