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OPA: Consumers Spent Nearly $1 Billion For Online Content In First Half ’05

Entertainment content drove online content sales of $987 million during the first half of the year, up 15.7 percent from the same period last year, according to the latest study from the Online Publishers Association. Spending on entertainment and lifestyle — representing more than one-quarter of the total — jumped 45 percent. Smaller purchases — $5 and under — are rising in popularity. And, yet, average spending per consumer hasn’t budged from around $100 in three years and market pentetration remains static, says OPA president Michael Zimbalist.

Some other interesting notes: 2Q05 marks the first time U.S. consumers have spent a half-billion on content.

— Single-purchase sales for H105 hit $114.9 million, seven times the amount spent across all of 2003, driven by digital music sales in part. Monthly subscriptions made up 60.4 percent of total sub revenenues; annual subscriptions dropped one percent but still make up roughly one-third of the categrory.

— Sports spending actually dipped year over year, to $23.2 million from $24.3 million.
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