Nokia Launches Three New Multimedia Mobiles


Nokia has released three new mobiles aimed at different parts of the mobile multimedia spectrum…
The N71 is the latest member of the Nokia XpressMusic category, with digital music, videos and stereo FM radio.
The N80 is designed to connect with the digital home… it is WLAN enabled and is billed as the first handset to have UPnP (universal plug’n’play) technology which allows it to communicated easily with other devices in the digital home network.
The N92 is a DVB-H handset which allows users to “set reminders to watch their favorite TV programs, create personal channel lists and subscribe to TV channel packages”. It also has a 2GB memory cards support and can play music — obviously, since two main components required for mobile music, storage and sound quality, are also required for mobile television.
Nokia has also introduced a new web browser for the S60 smartphone series, based on the WebCore and JavaScriptCore components of Apple’s Safari Web Kit. “Nokia studies of S60 smartphone users show two clear trends: browsing is generating over 60% of data traffic, and the improved network performance of WCDMA/3G more than doubles the browser usage compared to GPRS/EDGE, offering increased revenue potential for operators,” said Heikki Heinaro, Vice President, S60 Applications, Nokia Technology Platforms.

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