New Powerbook Problems & Other Notes


I had quietly gone and acquired the new Powerbook 15, mostly because of faster processor and better screen resolution that gives me about 26% more screen space. Also the other PB was 2 years old, which is an eternity in computer life. (Anyone interested in buying a PB 15 1.25 GHz, get in touch!) I have upgraded the memory to 1.5 GB, but ever since I did that, well some unusual problems have cropped up. I lose airport connectivity at least once a day. And I am not the only one. Others including iBook owners are having these problems as well. Does anyone have a fix for this? I have recently acquired Nokia N90, and was wondering if anyone knew of iSync hacks for the N90.

As an aside, has anyone else noticed that the continuing success of Apple is translating into more and more hardware problems. Madhu wrote in the other day pointing to mad problems with the G5. Nano, and before that the iMac G5 meltdowns. I may love like mad, but I love my dollars more, and if I have to experience the same trials and tribulations as the other guys, why am I really paying the premium.

But on a more personal note – currently closing two stories for Business 2.0, so my attention is completely focussed on that. So if I have not replied to your emails or called you back, its not personal. Its crunch time around the office. This has been particularly busy week, and now I have about five 3/4th finished posts. A follow-up to my bandwidth-merger post, the analysis of the SBC+T and MCI+VZ merger, comparison of EVDO and HSDPA and which card you should buy for your laptop, future of RSS and well, one of why I love Amazon! Perhaps given the paucity of time, readers want to play editors and prioritize?



Oh OM…
Actually I’m so glad to read that the 1gig memory upgrade causing issues in my new 15″ PowerBook G4 (purchased last week) is NOT just me!! The power of blogs. Thank you for saying this. I spent the better part of two days with a system that is freezing, dreadfully slow and locking up with airport completely random. Also crashing to black must restart screen.

Spent the better part of an hour with Apple support who said it sounded like a classic BAD RAM issue. Sounds more like an Apple powerbook issue now that I read this… Wonder, are you using apple ram or Kingston? I’ve got Kingston 1gig in slot #2…that’s the top slot. This was happening with 10.4.2 and also with 10.4.3 so i don’t think the OS is the issue. I pulled the 1gig memory today. Is your ‘D’ key sticking down? I keep having to pop it up with a knife.


Would love to see your analysis of the SBC-AT&T and Verizon-MCI mergers.

Chris Morse

Here is my vote for priorities :-)

1) A follow-up to my bandwidth-merger post,
2) why you love Amazon
3) future of RSS
4) the analysis of the SBC+T and MCI+VZ merger,
5) comparison of EVDO and HSDPA and which card you should buy for your laptop,


“As an aside, has anyone else noticed that the continuing success of Apple is translating into more and more hardware problems.”

With increased success comes increased scrutiny. As their user base grows, Apple’s products will land in the hands of less affectionate customers. All computers have problems. I suspect that Apple’s quality is not sliding as they gain popularity; we are just getting more eyeballs on the problems.

Om Malik

tabitha, in the end did not get the video ipod. just chickened out at the last minute.

joe thanks for the tip, and lets see if it helps out


I’ve been drooling over the new PowerBooks’ screen resolution, but I just got mine about 6 months ago so I have to just be jealous.

Several friends have had issues with the 10.4.3 upgrade (ending in boxes that don’t boot) but I had no trouble. Another friend with a ~2 month old PB had similar Airport problems but things mysteriously fixed themselves one day. ?? go figure… Coming from the Linux world, I like reasons for why things behave the way they do. Chances are if you reload the software on your old PB, all the problems will go away, but of course YMMV.

Thinking of selling your video iPod? :)


Om, you also got a video iPod. I wonder if there is any way to use it for Karaoke?

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