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Does Means the End of MSN?

Speculative, as MSFT said at the launch today that MSN will stay, but something to ponder, in light of continued defections at MSN portal, its rather lackluster content strategy, and MSFT’s talks about combining AOL with MSN.

As BetaNews writes, with Messenger, Search, Mail and more becoming Windows Live services, what’s left for MSN? The answer isn’t yet clear and will likely only come into focus once Microsoft’s next-generation products begin rolling out next year. What is known is that most existing MSN services will get the new Windows Live moniker.

Some reports have stated that will become the new default homepage in Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista. Moreover, the new Windows Sidebar will integrate with content modules from — not MSN.

Then again, as Jupiter analyst Joe Wilcox states on his blog, “Microsoft execs had to really push hard to convince me that Windows Live should replace MSN for on product names. But I now concede that the greater brand equity is around Office or Windows, and the new branding resonates well with the MSN’s refocused goal of enhancing the value of both products.”