@ ONA: Journalism in 2010: The Passionate Discussion


Talk about passion: less than a day after I wrote about the lack of entrepreneurial passion in journalists these days, there was passion aplenty at the last panel at ONA, the so-called super-panel. It was an excellent panel, largely because Jeff Jervis, the moderator, has it down to an art by now. What will journalism look like in 2010, that was the big question…and it turned out to be a humdinger of a panel.

The panel has already been written about in a few places, including by Susan here, Cory here, ONA bloggers here, Heather here, and of course, Jeff here.

So, like we always do, we’ve the audio of that contentious panel..the panelists were: Susan DeFife, President and CEO, Backfence; Neil Budde, News Director, Yahoo; Robert S. Cauthorn, President, CityTools; and Lockhart Steele, Managing Editor, Gawker Media.

In the panel Q&A, I was challenged about my post by a journalism professor, though I missed the gist of his complaints as I was checking my e-mail at that precise time…but I tried anyway. That’s part of the audio below.

mp3logo1.gif You can download the audio of the long panel here. (19 Megs, 1 hr 26 mins.)

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