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Microsoft’s Windows Live: New Personal Portal

Updated below: Microsoft has outlined some details of its new online stratgey, which includes plans to offer elements of its MSN online service to Windows users under an online service called Windows Live. The Windows Live service will house Microsoft’s Messenger IM service, a new Web mail service dubbed Kahuna and Microsoft Spaces, the company’s blogs service. These would be supported by advertising. not subscription.

“This advertising model has emerged as a very important thing, and we want all software developers to tap into that,” Bill Gates said at an SF conference.

Dan Farber, live from the conference: Windows Live is Internet-based personal services; centered on individuals; communications, information, protection; separate from Windows; MSN continuse as programmed content portal; Primarily adsupported.

TechCrunch: On the site, “Gadgets”, are third party applications that can be added to Windows Live..check out the widgets here. Additional features are discussed at

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has some good pictures here from the event. His own notes here

Update I: has some more details on Windows Live: “It’s easy. It’s live, and it has ‘me’ at the center of the universe,” said Blake Irving, a Microsoft VP who was on stage to demonstrate Windows Live.

Update II: Jupiter analyst Joe Wilcox analyzes the launch: What Live Is, and more importantly, What Live Is Not: MSN isn’t going away. It’s true that as branded offerings, most existing MSN services will get new Windows Live monikers. As a Microsoft business group, MSN will continue and with a separate P&L. Microsoft isn’t planning to abandon its investment in or MSN adCenter, either, at least not yet. Windows Live branding eventually will be pervasive, but that makes sense. Microsoft execs had to really push hard to convince me that Windows Live should replace MSN for on product names.