I want one of these for Christmas


Nothing could be better than a Total Immersion computing experience and the MYPCE delivers on all fronts. Combining comfortable seating with a totally configurable computing environment this looks like the perfect way to attain total geekdom. The MYPCE starts at only $2750 without any speakers or monitors or anything but I’ve been very good this year. A 3D tour is right here.

(via gizmag)



Let me ammend my comment: Sure honey, you can have one! Just as soon as the money tree sprouts and produces abundant fruit!


Comments like these about how you think it’s great but you can’t get “wife approval” are exactly the reason why I don’t understand how people put up with marriage. It’s just one long cycle of never doing what you want, but constantly rationalizing to yourself that it’s somehow “worth it”.

I will own one of these, and it will be the center point of my living room. No compromise whatsoever.


I wanted these too.

Perhaps a group buy and a group beg from the wives.

Mine said that the only place she would allow it was in a shed (we don’t own one and our neighborhood doesn’t allow them). :(

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