Best Month Ever for GigaOM


Quick update for October 2005: 1.29 million unique sessions, 4.6 million page-views and 81 gigabytes of data transfered. RSS is now 51% of the total traffic. 1561 GigaOM widgets downloaded. Not a single Konfabulator widget. That says something! This is the #1 story for the month of October. I must be doing something right, that all you still come back every day. A heart felt thanks and eternal gratitude for your time and attention!


Michael Arrington

Om, Is that all you got? :-) Congratulations. You are forging the path for the rest of us. I actually don’t think that’s the correct cliche, but you get what I mean. You rock.


Yeah, the new design of the blog is growing on me too. Its simple(although now, the gigalinks tend to miss my attention as I scroll down the page).

Zak Har

I love the new design, it brings me back more than the old version. Glad to see your RSS traffic is up too.

Rajesh patil

Big surprise !!! hah, it was expected. AS a matter of fact your writings even made me subscribe to the magazine you write for. Congratulations !


Hm, I downloaded the Konfabulator widget couple of days ago when reinstalling Konfabulator on my machine.


OM: I recently started reading gigaom and now it has become my daily fix. Thanks, Congrats and Happy Deepavali.


Om: Not at all surprising. All the credit goes to you, for keeping the content fresh, and our collective interests alive. Thx much.

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