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Sprint Launches Music Downloads, Local News Service

As previously reported, Sprint has launched a full-song download service…the Sprint Music Store has dual-delivery, an icon in the handsets menu for access, and allows the user to organize their music and create playlists on the phone. There’ll be two handsets offering the new services, MM-A940 by Samsung and MM-9000 by Sanyo: both phones have removable memory cards which will increase the storage capacity of the handsets. (More details here)
Adam Sexton, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development for Groove Mobile — which is providing the music service for Sprint — expresses the opinion that people will prefer instant gratification by downloading music over the air rather than transfering it from a computer… “The iTunes ROKR phone also requires a computer, a broadband account, an iTunes subscription and a credit card, before the songs can be transferred to the phone. Young people – who are the largest demographic for music – want instant access to the hottest new bands.” The songs have been previously reported to cost $2.50.
Sprint has also launched “On Demand”, a new service that allows customers to set and then receive customized, up-to-date information such as news, sports, weather, money and movies based on zip code. This service is included in the charge for the Sprint Power Vision Pack, and for an addition charge users can get access to info-channels including the Oxford American dictionary, TV Guide, unlimited directory search, and maps and driving directions. “The application is pre-loaded on Sprint Power Vision Phones and can be accessed from the On Demand icon on the main menu.” (more details here in release)
Check out Engadget for Sprint PowerVision compared to Verizon’s V-cast.
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