Pocket PC Addict for sale


It was with great sadness that I got this information from good friend Brad Isaac, owner of Pocket PC Addict. PPCA has long been one of my favorite Pocket PC enthusiast sites and I hope it will survive:

Well, I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings about this. I had to put my beloved Pocket PC enthusiast site up for auction.

It’s been a daily stopping point for me every day for the past 4 years. I’ve blogged here, discovered new and exciting tasks that one could use a Pocket PC to accomplish and I’ve met a whole lot of new people I am proud to call my friends. It’s just I have taken on a brand new role that is going to involve a lot of travel, and as indicated before, I already have simply too much on my plate right to continue with the daily postings. Instead of letting the site go “on hold” or shrivel up and die, I wanted to give someone else the opportunity to take over the reigns and keep it running.

I know that a few weeks ago I asked for writers. I really appreciate everyone who sent in inquiries. I am sorry I couldn’t respond to everyone personally. Hopefully this will fill you in on what has happened since then.

As such, I have lots of work to do. I am in the process of moving the Achieve-IT! software operations to another server (any domain name suggestions?) ;0) I’ve got a ton of tasks to check off the list before all is said and done. E-mail accounts, backup transfers, sql verifications, the whole 9 yards.

If you or someone you know is interested, you can view the auction here.

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