Nokia’s Bluetooth Based Content Service, Launched With EMI


Nokia has announced a local content channel solution, CoolZone, which is “a Bluetooth based end-to-end solution for distributing digital content to consumers’ phones in retail locations…With CoolZone, retailers like music stores, phone shops and cinemas, can offer promotional or paid content, such as mobile games, wallpapers, videos and music, to consumers in their stores”.
Described as “a digital shelf in a physical store” CoolZone will be available in the first quarter of 2006. The concept isn’t new, although recently mobile content via Bluetooth has focussed on first-contact advertising rather than promoting to existing customers.
There’s a bit of a case study of a Finnish trial of the CoolZone service where customers of Free Record Shop music stores and Robert’s Coffee Cafes can download the “latest music and related content from EMI artists” in a service called bFree. “The bFree service offers the consumers not only music, ringtones, wallpapers and videos but also CD and video top 10 lists, and coupons to participating stores. Once music fans enter a participating store, they can download the bFree application to their phone, enabling them to browse available content.”
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